Claudia Civilleri

Bridal shoes for women who give everything

Discover the first collection of bridal shoe and flat or low-heeled party, designed to enjoy the party until the last moment maintaining a unique style.

Flat bridal shoes, the inspiration of Claudia

Everyone will tell you that the day of your wedding you have to enjoy every moment and every person, but it is a little difficult to live that special day to the maximum if your feet hurt. That’s why when I started preparing my wedding I asked myself: Why do I have to put on a high-heeled shoe? If I can not stand them! If I never wear a heel! If I look ridiculous when trying to walk with them If I simply don’t think it’s my cup of tea And be sure that some of your female guests feel stuck in the same dilemma. Should we simply give up and let high heels – and pain – win? I don’t think so. High heels might help to thin your legs, that I give you. However it might not worth it to ruin your best day. I have always believed that creating comfortable shoes with low heels was possible, helping brides and her friends to enjoy the party and stay stylish at the same time. That’s why I designed this collection Civi by Claudia Civilleri, to offer you a nice alternative for enjoying the most important day of your life until the end. Choose your Civi and enjoy an unforgettable wedding.

Civi by Claudia Civilleri in the media

Who is Claudia Civilleri?

After graduating in Industrial Design he came to Spain from Palermo, Sicily, a wonderful land full of contrasts, wanting to have new experiences and live out his great passion shoes. New life, language, friends, studies and an idea always in the head: love. Claudia is full of contrasts and her idea of ​​love is at the same time romantic and fun, elegant and modern. From her incredible personality, a new perspective is born of seeing love and, of reflection, the day that celebrates love: the wedding. As a result, Claudia decided to start her own fashion brand. Her first bridal shoes collection was selected to exhibit at MOMAD Talents 2018 in Madridwas selected to exhibit at MOMAD Talents 2018 in Madrid.

Collection selected in MOMAD TALENTS 2018 Collection presented at MOMAD SHOES

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