Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of her prince charming …

So could start the story of a girl of the last century, but we are in the 21st century and things are slightly different. The protagonist is Claudia Civilleri, an Italian and very independent girl.

After graduating in Design she came to Spain from Palermo – Sicily, a wonderful land full of contrasts – wishing to have new experiences and live out her biggest passion: shoes! New life, language, friends, studies and an idea always in mind: love.

Claudia is full of contrasts and her idea of love is at the same time romantic and funny, elegant and modern. From her incredible personality, a new perspective is born of seeing love and the day that celebrates love, the wedding.

The most expected day… The wedding

Everybody says you have to enjoy every single moment of your wedding. Well said! However, it’s not that easy if you have pain in your feet. So actually the question you should ask yourself is… “why should I wear high heels the day I get married?” If you really can’t stand high heels or you are not used to them, if you look ridiculous when trying to walk   with them, if you simply don’t think it’s your cup of tea, then the truth is that there is no reason why you should! And be sure that some of your female guests feel stuck in the same dilemma. Should we simply give up and let high heels – and pain – win? I don’t think so. High heels might help to thin your legs, that I give you. However it might not worth it to ruin your best day. I have always believed that creating comfortable shoes with low heels was possible, helping brides and her friends to enjoy the party and stay stylish at the same time. That’s why I designed this collection! To offer you a nice alternative for enjoying the most important day of your life until the end.

Choose your civi and enjoy an unforgettable wedding.

When I decided to create my brand of comfortable bridal shoes with low or no heels, I realised that I needed to combine the best ingredients to obtain the perfect result: Italian design and Spanish manufacture. That’s why my collection has been produced in Elda, the Spanish cradle of the quality shoe, with the best material and a precious design which combines comfort and fashion without neglecting the latest trend.

Italian design and spanish handmade bridal shoes

When you choose Civi shoes, you buy high-quality shoes with the best finishing finely designed according to my personal inspiration based on my Italian design references and the latest fashion trends. All this for a reasonable price because all women deserve to be happy the day they get married!

Buy online your wedding shoes Civi by Claudia Civilleri